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Trapped in space,
warped by someone.....


Arkanoid is a 1986 block breaker arcade game developed by Taito and published by Romstar. Controlling a paddle-like craft known as the Vaus, the player is tasked with clearing a formation of colorful blocks by deflecting a ball towards it without letting the ball leave the bottom edge of the playfield. Some blocks contain power-ups that have various effects, such as increasing the length of the Vaus, creating several additional balls, or turning the Vaus into a laser cannon. Other blocks may be indestructible or require multiple hits to break.

Created by Taito designers Akira Fujita and Hiroshi Tsujino, Arkanoid expanded on the concept established in Atari's Breakout, a successful game in its own right that was met with a large wave of similar clone games from other manufacturers. It was part of a contest within Taito, where two teams of designers had to complete a block breaker game and determine which one was superior to the other. The film Tron served as inspiration for the game's futuristic, neon aesthetic. Level designs were sketched on paper before being programmed and tested to make sure they were fun to play. The enemy and power-up designs were 3D models converted into sprite art.

arkanoid flier1.jpg

Game Credits

Directed and Programmed by:

Yasumasa Sasabe 

Directer of Hardware

and Co-programmer:

Toshiyuki Sanada 

Assistant Programmer:

Touru Takahashi 

Graphic Designer:

Hiroshi Tsujino 

Sound Composer:

Hisayoshi Ogura 

Sound Effects:

Tadashi Kimijima 

Pattern Designer:

Akira Iwai 

Software Analyzer:

Hidehiro Fujiwara 

Mechanical Engineer:

Hisayuki Yamaguchi

Publicity Supervisor:


Game Designed by:

Akira Fujita 

taito logo.jpg





Release Date:

August 1986

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