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Bump 'n Jump

"Burnin' Rubber"

BnJ screen.png

Bump 'N' Jump is an action racing game played from a top down point of view. As you race through the treacherous and ever changing roadways, the numerous enemy cars will be trying to bump you off the road. You need to make sure you bump the cars out of the way before you get bumped and crash into the sides yourself! Your car also has the ability to jump quite high if you have enough speed. This is useful to jump over enemy cars if there are too many in the way, and must also be used to jump gaps in the roadway and other highway obstacles. As the levels progress, the road becomes narrower with more obstacles in the way, and the other cars increase in number and in aggressiveness.

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bnj flyer7.jpg

Game Credits

Sound Programmer:

Tsuyoshi Kitazawa


Hiroaki Yoshida

Azusa Hara

bally midway.jpg


Data East



Release Date:


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